Elder Law

Guardianships And Conservatorships Require The Time And Expertise Of A Knowledgeable, Reliable, And Compassionate Lawyer.

How It Works

First, the court appoints a guardian to make health-related choices for someone known by law as an “incapacitated person” (also known as the “ward”). Depending on the ward’s financial condition, the court may also appoint a conservator to make financial decisions of someone known by law as a “protected person” (also a “ward”). Another factor to consider is the mental health of the incapacitated or protected person, because if the ward is violent or does not follow instructions and is a potential flight risk, you as the guardian may need the authority to place the ward in a psychiatric hospital and the court will need to add that duty to the appointed guardian’s responsibilities.

Helping Vulnerable Loved Ones

Every family must inevitably confront certain issues about the future of their vulnerable loved ones. Adult children may be facing their aging parents’ inability to make medical or wellness decisions, take care of financial issues or fully run their household. Thus, it’s critical for you to secure the future of your vulnerable loved ones. When your circumstances involve guardianship or conservatorship, or a combination of both, Geranios Law, PLLC is here to help.

Establishing Adult Guardianship & Conservatorship

At Geranios Law, PLLC, I understand that you want to ensure your family members are cared for when they need to be. Each person has their own personal and individual needs and it can be challenging during this stressful time to figure out all the necessary information to get yourself appointed as guardian and/or conservator to administer your loved one’s affairs. 

I will evaluate and analyze your circumstances and walk you through the legal process. I am an experienced adult conservatorship lawyer who aims to make sure that you understand the adult guardianship and conservatorship process and whether it’s suitable for your circumstances.

I represent clients in Elder Law in the Missoula County area only.