Nik is a professional in every way that he does his job. He was really reassuring that my bankruptcy could be taken care without a problem. I got him the information he needed so he could file the paperwork. Any good work out the way he said without any complications.
- Dustin T.

Nik helped make my bankruptcy quick and painless (considering the circumstances). This is a very sensitive sunject for most folks and he was very proffessional and to the point. He explained everything very well to me as the process went, I would definitely reccomend Nik to anyone considering filing bankruptcy.
- Caitlin

Nik was great from beginning to end and long there after. The one thing that sticks out in my head about Nik is that he was all about me his client and not the paycheck he would be getting from me. I hired Nick to help me file bankruptcy. When he saw how low my debt was, he hesitated and made sure going ahead with filing was really what I wanted to do.
- Lucy

Nik is a great lawyer. He helped us every step of the way with our case and was very flexible. He was very patient with all of our questions. I've referred numerous friends and family to him and they have not had any issues with him at all. I highly recommend him.
- Russ A.

Nik is great!!!! He explained everything to me and helped me make a difficult decision. This isn't where I expected to be but, after a divorce and some unexpected medical bills life can throw you for a loop! He was patient with ALL my questions and still since I've filed helps me when I need it! I recommend him to anyone I know having financial strains and considering bankruptcy!
- Cheryl

Nik was great! He really listened to my challenges and took what he heard to make a game plan for me. He helped me through the entire process, and seemed genuinely concerned about my well being.
- Cid R.

I highly recommend Geranios Law! Nik was extremely helpful through the entire process. My case was filed and taken care of immediately and professionally! I would definitely use him again if I ever need help! Thank you!!
- Lindsay R.
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